iphone 7 Plus with Full Specifications | Only on poorvikamobile

iphone 7 Plus with Full Specifications | Only on poorvikamobile

Design and Display:

The iphone 7 plus face-up on a desk and it won’t lie down flat: the back lens will prop it up very barely. it’s mainly galling for the reason that the iphone se, launched returned in spring, has a layout wherein the digicam is completely flush.


the iphone 7 plus has a very comparable display screen to the iphone 6s plus: it is the same 5.5-inch phablet form element that’s been a famous choice for the 6 plus and 6s plus, with the identical decision (1920 x 1080) and pixel density (401 pixels in line with inch): the best of any apple product.

Camera :

The iphone 7 plus iphone 7 plus comes with a DUAL-lens digital camera setup at the back (there’s no such upgrade for the iphone 7).

this widely suits with apple’s past behaviour, since the organization normally loves to set aside its top-of-the-line cellphone with at least one feature that isn’t to be had on every other – and it is frequently something in the photographic line, such as optical photo stabilisation.



the iphone 7 plus (just like the iphone 7) hasn’t were given a three.5mm headphone jack. you will need to use lightning headphones (a pair of lightning-primarily based earpods are blanketed with the phone), or pass wi-fi, or use an adaptor.

human beings already personal headphones, in maximum instances based at the three.5mm fashionable, and don’t much like the idea of getting to buy a new set to match the iphone 7 handsets.

Performance :

The iphone 7 plus might consequently encompass an a10 – however apple has slightly sidestepped expectations by means of branding it the a10 fusion.


the company says to assume around 40 percentage better processing pace than with the iphone 6s plus’s a9, and approximately two times the performance of the a8. but glaringly we determined to see for ourselves.

Water Proofing:

As predicted beforehand of the launch, the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus are officially greater water resistant than any previous iphones – although apple is studiously the usage of the word ‘water-resistant’ alternatively.

The iphone 7 handsets are rated ip67 for solid and liquid intrusion safety.


the iphone 7 plus has a more battery life than the 6s plus (apple claims that for the common person, it’ll closing an additional hour between costs), but the iphone 7 has received a median of  hours – because of this the gap between the standard and plus fashions is narrower than inside the preceding. we check those claims below.

we realize that the iphone 7 plus has a battery capacity of 2900 mah, compared to 2750 mah


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